3 октября, Москва

23rd International SАTCOMRUS 2018 Conference Program

SMART SATELLITE: Ideas and Innovations

Date: Oct 03, 2018
Venue: Digital Business Space (DBS), Moscow, 47 Pokrovka str.

9:15 Participants sign-in. Welcome coffee

10:00 Plenary session: Advanced communication satellite technologies for Russia’s digital transformation

  • Evolution and enhancement of Russia’s satellite infrastructure to successfully implement the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, dated 07.05.2018, No. 204 “On the national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation development for the period up to 2024”, and solutions for The Russian Federation Digital Economy program
  • The global challenges facing the Russian satellite communication companies and major development vectors in the world market
  • Maintaining continuity of satellite communication and broadcasting services in the context of further buildup of Russia’s orbital constellation; searching for new growth areas in various sectors of economy
  • The role of satellite communication operators and other space industry players in the new digital economy ecosystem

Moderator: Aleksander А. Ganin, First Deputy Director General, Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)

  • Konstantin Yu. Noskov, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (TBC)
  • Oleg G. Dukhovnitskiy, Head of the Federal Communications Agency
  • Yury М. Urlichich, Deputy Head of Analytical Center for the RF Government. (TBC)
  • Yuri V. Prokhorov, Director General, RSCC
  • Nikolay A. Testoyedov, Director General, ISS Reshetnev Company
  • Valery V. Butenko, Director General, NIIR
  • Andrey D. Kuropyatnikov, Director General, Morsvyazsputnik
  • Victor N. Pinchuk, First Deputy Director General, Network Management, Operations and Development, the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
  • Aleksandr V. Podchufarov, Vice President, Ingosstrakh
  • Alexey A. Ternavsky, Vice President, Vnesheconombank
  • Eduard N. Kryuchkov, Deputy Director, Department of Information Technologies, Bank of Russia
  • Vyacheslav E. Kamnev, Chairman, Board of Directors, Nebo Global Communications

11.20 Presentation of Presidential and Government decorations awarded to RSCC employees for achievements in Russian communications

11:30 Coffee-break

12:00 Session 1. Strategies for the satellite communications market development until 2025.

  • A balance between new technologies, modern markets and the planning of satellite operators’ business. Investments in competences and the potential for future growth
  • The main drivers of market development. Ways to enhance the attractiveness of regional projects for investors. International cooperation and competition.
  • Financial instruments to stimulate innovation in the satellite industry, risk assessment and management in the satellite communications market
  • The Express-RV project of a multi-functional satellite communication system as a response of the satellite industry to the urgent needs of the economy and society at the stage of digital transformation. The main objectives of the project and market implementation of solutions based on HEO satellites

Moderator: Leonid G. Konik, Director General & Editor-in-Chief, ComNews Pulishers

  • Elena A. Krivshich, Deputy Director, Agat Organization
  • Nikolay A. Orlov, Regional Vice-President, Eutelsat S.A.
  • Evgeniy V. Buidinov, Deputy Director General for Development and Operation of Communication Systems, RSCC
  • Inessa A. Glazkova, Executive Director, Nebo Global Communications
  • Sven Rettig, Director Business Development Russia, Airbus Space Platform and Payload Equipment
  • Ashot V. Bakunts, Regional Director in Russia, Thales Alenia Space
  • Svetlomir Stoychev, Financial Director, Intersputnik

13:30 Lunch

14.30 Session 2. Satellite communications and digital economy

  • The significance of satellite communications projects for achieving geopolitical, social and economic objectives in the period of digital transformation in the Russian society
  • New markets for satellite technologies, including IoT
  • The state of implementing a satellite broadband Internet access project in Russia and its future development
  • New ideas, projects and hardware from the ‘satellite telecom’ market players.

Moderator: Evgeniy V Buidinov, Deputy Director General for Development and Operation of Communication Systems, RSCC

  • Konstantin V. Lanin, Regional Director in Russia and CIS, Hughes Network Systems
  • Pavel N. Bakanov, General Director, Istar LLC
  • Shimshon Mosses, HTS Sales Manager, Eurasia, Gilat Satellite Networks
  • Andrey V. Romulov, Chairman of Board of Directors, Iskra Group of Companies
  • Sergey Yu. Ratiev, Director General, RTKomm.RU
  • Sergey V. Pekhterev, , PhD in Technical Sciences, Ka-Internet Shareholder
  • Ilya G. Kile, Technical Director, NPO SvyazProject
  • Victor N. Doniants, General Director, D.C.Orbital
  • Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys (Spain)

16:00 Coffee-break

16:30 Session 3. Satellite broadcasting. Trends and Innovations

  • Transformation of media consumption in the context of Industry 4.0 growth
  • Development of technologically effective and flexible media platforms providing unhindered access to content
  • The growing importance of technologically effective content aggregators in shaping the modern media environment.
Moderator: Sergey N. Plotnikov, Director, Department of Infocommunication Technologies and Multimedia Services, RSCC

  • Julia A. Shakhmanova, Director General, STV
  • Igor V. Petrenko, Technical Director, Irdeto
  • Anatoliy V. Fomichov, Head of Department, Digital Television Platforms, AMT Group

17:30 SATCOMRUS Awards Ceremony

17:50 Conference wrap-up

18:00 Buffet

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